Master of Medicines Regulatory Affairs

Facilitate sound and transparent regulatory decision-making

Master of Medicines Regulatory Affairs is a continuing education programme targeted at professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. Admission requires a minimum of two years of relevant work experience.

Companies face a complex approval process for bringing new products to market. This master's programme provides you with a mix of practice-based competencies, in-depth scientific knowledge and effective negotiation skills.

As a Master of Medicines Regulatory Affairs, you are able to argue for clinical relevance and scientific legitimacy to ensure a strong, reliable and quality-based storyline.


Sign up for a single course or enroll in the full master's programme

All courses are designed with a minimum of class-room attendance, in order to fit the busy schedule of regulatory affairs specialist. All courses are lectured in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Some courses are available every year, while others are only available every second year.

Programme Structure

Part-time study for full-time employees

The 60 ECTS credits master’s programme (equivalent to 1 year of full-time study) is designed to be completed within 2 to 6 years of part-time study. Full-time study is not an option, as many courses are only available every second year.