About the programme – University of Copenhagen

Innovate and strengthen the regulatory process with a Master of Medicines Regulatory Affairs

Master of Medicines Regulatory Affairs is a new Masters' programme at the University of Copenhagen.

Experts within regulatory affairs are essential for companies facing an increasingly complex approval process for bringing new products to market. The Master of Medicines Regulatory Affairs therefore, educates regulatory experts who can help secure their company a safe, coherent and successful regulatory process.

The Master's programme offers an opportunity to get thorough insight into the regulatory process at all the stages during drug development, as well as highlight the differences in regulatory demands that are present between countries. When graduated you will be able to:

  • Analyse, predict and advice on drug regulations and directives
  • Critically examine legislation and development in regulatory science
  • Collaborate with experts during all phases of the drug development

Master of Medicines Regulatory Affairs is developed in collaboration with Atrium a part of DLI Danish Pharmaceutical Information, which support the programmes ability to enlist national as well as international experts and scientists in medicines regulatory affairs.