Tuition Fees – University of Copenhagen

Tuition fee for EU/EEA students

The cost of the full master programme for EU/EEA students is 178.000 DKK exclusive elective course equivalent to 10 ECTS. The full price of the master will depend og which elective courses you choose.

The tuition fee for each activity for EU/EEA students is listed below:

EU/EEA Master student EU/EEA Single course student
Entry fee 10,000 DKK
Master's project 15,000 DKK
Fee Per Course
Discovery and Development of Medicines 19,500 DKK 21,500 DKK
Global Pharmaceutical Policy - Rationales and Stakeholders 13,000 DKK 15,000 DKK
The EU Regulatory Environment - Procedures and Applications 17,975 DKK 19,975 DKK
The US Regulatory Environment
17,975 DKK 19,975 DKK
Quality - Drug Substance and Drug Product 17,975 DKK 19,975 DKK
Biopharmaceuticals - Quality Development and Documentation 17,975 DKK 19,975 DKK
Safety of medicines - from Non-clinical Development to Pharmacovigilance 16,000 DKK 18,750 DKK
Clinical Development and Documentation 23,575 DKK 25,575 DKK
Transparency and Trustworthiness in Drug Development 12,800 DKK 19,900 DKK
Drug Regulatory Science 10,000 DKK 12,000 DKK
Labelling as a Driver for Regulatory Strategy 10,000 DKK 12,000 DKK

The fees are listed in DKK and apply to the year 2018. Fees are under continuous review, and revised fees will be payable by all students admitted to, or continuing, programmes of study. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

The university cannot offer any scholarships.

The University reserves the right to cancel the registration of a student who has not paid the fee in time or who owes the University any sums of money. In the event of a student failing for any reason to complete a program of study, the University shall not be under any obligation to return any part of the fees paid by or on behalf of the student.