A unique collaboration between Industry Experts and University Scientists

The Master of Regulatory affairs at the University of Copenhagen is unique in its format as it joins practice-based knowledge and experience from industry experts, with an interdisciplinary regulatory science approach from university researchers.

This is ensured by a close collaboration with:

  • Atrium  – As a part of the Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industries, Atrium has a close connection to the experts in the Pharmaceutical Industry.  Atrium, formerly known as Medicademy, is one of Europe’s leading private course providers of practice-based courses in Regulatory Affairs.
  • University of Copenhagen (UCPH) – With the establishment of Copenhagen Centre for Regulatory Science (CORS), the interdisciplinary expertize within Regulatory Affairs present throughout UCHP will be unified with the aim to become one of Europe’s leading research institutes within Regulatory Affairs.

The quality of the master's programme is further ensured through the:

  • Advisory Board – The advisory board consists of representatives for relevant users and authorities. The advisory board focusses on the industry needs for continuing education.
  • The Study Board for the Professional Master's Programmes – The study board is responsible for the coordination of the professional master's programmes at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. The study board focusses on evaluations, teaching processes and programme structure.