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Course calendar for Master of Medicines Regulatory Affairs


Compulsory Courses

Spring semester 2019

Autumn semester 2019 Spring semester 2020
Clinical Development and Documentation 23-26 April             25-28 May
Drug Regulatory Science

Discovery and Development of Medicines

6-10 + 21-24 + 27 January 2020

Global Pharmaceutical Policy - Rationales and Stakeholders

5-8 November

The EU Regulatory Environment - Procedures and Applications

4-6 September
The US Regulatory Environment 12-14 June 8-10 June

Transparency and Trustworthiness in Drug Development

Safety of Medicines - From Non-clinical Development to Pharmacovigilance 20-24 May
Labelling as a Driver for Regulatory Strategy 6-8 May
Fixed Electives
Quality - Drug Substance and Drug Products 4-6 November
Biopharmaceuticals - Quality Development and Documentation 3-5 April
Market Access for Pharmaceutical Products

12-16 August

Quality by Design (QbD) in Pharmaceutical Development

19-23 August

Biopharmaceuticals Drug Development

19-23 August

Value Based Health Care - the future for the health care sector?

19-23 August

(x) course is expected to be offered, but days of lectures not yet scheduled.

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