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MRA examinations

Exam registration

Registration to courses in the programme will automatically entail an exam registration.

How to cancel an exam registration

Withdrawal from an exam must be reported by e-mail to no later than 14 days before the exam. If you are absent from an exam without having de-registered in due time, you use one of your exam attempts. You have a total of 3 attempts to pass the exam.


If you fall ill for an exam, you must:
1. Give notice of absence due to illness immediately and before 9:00 on the exam day. Please fill in the sick form 

2. Make sure to submit documentation to the exam office ( of your illness within three weekdays of giving notice of absence due to illness. The documentation required is a doctor's note (with stamp and provider number) describing that you are prevented from attending the exam due to illness.


If you need to sit the re-exam (or an exam in a future semester), you must register by sending an email to . Deadline for registration is 14 days before the exam date.

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