MRA examinations – University of Copenhagen

MRA examinations

The exam and re-exam schedule is published per semester one at a time.

Summer exam 2018 

Winter exam 2018-19

Exam terminology is available here

Exam registration

Special rules apply to the courses offered in a collaboration with Atrium. You will be asked whether you wish to register for the exam when you apply for course admission. We will send you an admission letter, and from this admission letter it will appear whether you are registered for the exam. This applies to the following courses:

  • Biopharmaceuticals - Quality Development and Documentation
  • Clinical Development - Efficacy of Medicines
  • Regulatory Affairs in the EU
  • Regulatory Affairs in the USA
  • Quality - Active Substance and Medicinal Product

Registration to all other courses in the programme will automatically entail an exam registration.

How to cancel an exam registration

Withdrawal from an exam must be reported by e-mail to no later than 14 days before the exam. If you are absent from an exam without having de-registered in due time, you use one of your exam attempts. You have a total of 3 attempts to pass the exam.


If illness prevents you from sitting an exam, you are required to report it before 9:00 a.m. on the exam date. Please fill in the report sick form here


If you would like to sit the re-exam due to not passing your exam, missing out, or if you de-registered the ordinary exam, you may register for the re-exam. Deadline for registration is 14 days before the re-exam date. You register by sending an email to

Guidelines on exam complaints and appeals